Kyrgios goes “nuts” at post-Wimbledon nightclub party, Djokovic missed

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Kyrgios goes “nuts” at post-Wimbledon nightclub party, Djokovic missed

Even though Novak Djokovic didn’t agree to “go nuts” with him after the Wimbledon final, runner-up Nick Kyrgios stood to his words and celebrated his achievement at a nightclub along with his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi and sister Halimah Kyrgios.

Kyrgios shared his plans of going to a nightclub before the Wimbledon final through an exchange of messages with Djokovic on social media. When the nightclub proposition came into discussion, Djokovic didn’t answer back.

In his post-final on-court interview, the Serbian revealed the reason why he didn’t answer. “I don't know if we're going to make it happen tonight or some other night. This is a start of a wonderful relationship between us off the court as well.

I didn't respond to the (nightclub invitation) as my wife was sitting next to me. Let's start with dinner and drinks and let's see (…) I never thought I'm going to say so many nice things about you considering the relationship.

It's officially a bromance," said Djokovic.

How did Kyrgios have fun at the party

Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend and his sister Halimah shared photos from the party. Halimah appeared with two bottles of booze in a picture while Kyrgios was caught dancing with his girlfriend while sparking fireworks on top of bottles of champagne filled the background.

Kyrgios’ sister Halimah also shared a picture with her favorite drink, tequila, adding one more type of drink to the array consumed at the celebration party. Costeen Hatzi is also Nick’s number one fan. “The big day.

Words cannot explain how proud I am of you. You are supported by so many and you never fail to show how talented, entertaining and resilient you are. Finals at Wimbledon, that is a huge achievement in itself. Your hard work and dedication is paying off.

I am so lucky to be on this journey with you. Let’s do this!” Hatzi wrote on Instagram before the Wimbledon final.