Tennis coach jailed for accepting $3.5 million worth of bribes

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Tennis coach jailed for accepting $3.5 million worth of bribes

Gordon Ernst, Georgetown University’s former head coach of men's and women’s tennis, received 30 months of prison time after accepting bribes summing 3.5 million dollars from university applicants. According to the official press release, the former coach will serve the first six months of his punishment in home confinement.

“Ernst was also ordered to forfeit $3,435,053, including more than $1.3 million in assets that the government seized in March 2019. In October 2021, Ernst pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery, three counts of federal programs bribery and one count of filing a false tax return,” said the official press release.

How did the tennis coach get bribed

According to the officialities, “Ernst conspired with William "Rick" Singer to solicit and receive bribe payments from the families of prospective Georgetown applicants to facilitate their admission to Georgetown as purported student athletes.

Specifically, Ernst regularly used at least two, and often as many as five, of the six recruitment slots Georgetown allotted him each year to recruit unqualified students in exchange for bribe payments. For more than 10 years, Ernst facilitated the admission of at least 22 students – at least 19 of which were Singer's clients – to Georgetown as purported tennis recruits in exchange for a total of nearly $3.5 million in bribe payments.

He then failed to report all of the income from those bribe payments on his federal income tax returns”. Ernst sentence is the longest prison term imposed in the Varsity Blues admissions scandal. Not reporting incomes and assets was also what brought Boris Becker a sentence.

Becker has been accused of hiding financial assets worth 1.2 million pounds and an apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood. Recently, Becker landed a job as a sports science teacher at HMP Huntercombe prison.