Italian vs Italian: the quarrel between Adriano Panatta and Nicola Pietrangeli!

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Italian vs Italian: the quarrel between Adriano Panatta and Nicola Pietrangeli!

Nicola Pietrangeli was one of the greatest players in the history of Italian tennis. The former world number three has won the Roland Garros twice: the first in 1959 against Ian Vermaak, the second in 1960 against Luis Ayala.

In 1976, Pietrangeli was the captain of the Italian team of the Davis Cup and led the team towards a historic success, the only one achieved in the historic team event. Sky wanted to pay homage to the feat accomplished on the pitch by Adriano Panatta, Corrado Barazzutti, Paolo Bertolucci and Tonino Zugarelli by making a fantastic documentary entitled A team.

The documentary showed the contrasts and conflicts that characterized the relationship between Pietrangeli and Panatta and led to the exoneration of the former in 1978. Pietrangeli said about: "The gang of four organized a plot to send me away.

For the record, the previous year we had reached the final. Yet after a first and second place, the reward was a kick in the butt. We did not speak to each other for five years."

Nicola Pietrangeli against Panatta

The former Italian tennis player returned to talk about his countryman Panatta: "Panatta was born to play tennis: talented but not very witty.

Adriano is of the superior category but does not like jokes. When we were very friends, to make him angry it was enough to tell him a joke, he is cancer, he changes mood easily." "Has the relationship with Panatta improved? No, a few lies could be spared.

You ask me the question and I answer, even if I am not the mouth of the truth, sometimes I am wrong too, a little less than someone else, despite the physicist I have an excellent memory. Davis Cup win? They called us the most elegant team in the world, I forced my teammates to wear jackets and ties because we had to represent our country."

Panatta was also the protagonist of a fun solcial exchange with his other countryman Paolo Bertolucci.
The last circumstance, for which several funny jokes were exchanged on social networks, is on a very important day for Panatta: the Roman has in fact turned 72 on 9 July and has received numerous affectionate happy birthday wishes.

The most ironic but beautiful message inside? Surely that god Bertolucci, who did not hesitate to beat his friend: "Grandmothers from all over Italy, remember to congratulate old Panatta. Today is his birthday! "He commented through his Twitter profile, getting laughter from anyone who came across it. And then he went on:" I didn't think I'd awaken even foreign grandmothers! "