Rafael Nadal's season will continue to be unpredictable

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Rafael Nadal's season will continue to be unpredictable

"I don't want to go out there and not be competitive..." Rafael Nadal the 'King of Clay' and the grand master of many other surfaces said about his ongoing performances and injuries. The Spaniard's participation at this past Wimbledon was extraordinary, but coming out a winner in matches is becoming a harder compromise.

The proof recently was the turbulent 5-setter that Nadal battled with Taylor Fritz in the Wimbledon quarterfinal. " I have been suffering with pain in the abdominal...there is a tear in the muscle," Rafa had told the media sadly, including the ATP tour.

But the four hour and 20 minute match had not only broken Rafa mentally, but physically. He came out with the win against the 13th ranking Fritz, but recuperating is another issue. There will be further tests to determine a possible treatment and recovery for Nadal.

Dr. Carlos Guancher, a hip and sports medicine specialist at Southern Cal Orthopedic Institute told the Insider media that depending on the extent of damage it could take from 6 weeks to 6 months recovery time. But the Spaniard knows that he really doesn't like to retire in the middle of a match and admits "..it's not easy...I did a couple of times in my tennis career..."

Rafa's great determination is legendary and he confesses on his abilities saying "..Unfortunately and fortunately I was able to manage to improve and adapt to the circumstances that my body presents to me..."

in his mantra he so much wanted to win the 5-set match against Taylor Fritz and succeeded. But the situation isn't clear as to now how long or short anyone will see Rafa compete again. When asked time and again when does he feel that he will be back, Nadal could only say "I don't know...I can't say."

The quarterfinal was a well played match of the highest level and Rafael Nadal just shakes his head saying "It was an emotional match...an important victory. I am happy for that."