Benoit Paire hard words against former girlfriend: "Just keep quiet"

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Benoit Paire hard words against former girlfriend: "Just keep quiet"

Benoit Paire is living a very bad moment, on and off the court. The French influencer Julie Bertin, former-girlfriend of the Frenchman athlete, in these hours attacks the tennis player, who then replied to his former-girlfriend.

The woman, several weeks after breaking up with Benoit, denounced the behavior of the tennis player, currently number 92 in the world, especially towards other women. Bertin posted an Instagram story to clarify: "I wanted to keep quiet and I definitely wanted to keep certain things private, but I'm not stupid.

This person tells me she needs time to focus on sports, but she actually texted several girls privately. I never speak but I have now exploded, please do not contact me and do not ask me anything more. I don't want to have anything to do with this person anymore," with clear reference to Paire.

Benoit Paire hard words against former girlfriend

Especially in the period, Paire has had several mental health problems, problems that have clearly affected his commitment on the court. The French tennis player clarified his impressions by releasing a lucid analysis of his problems on social networks.

He explained: "Since the beginning of this season I have had to fight with my mind every single day. I think that after Covid there have not been many moments in which I I felt happy. I am quite sensitive and emotional, so everything that has happened has hit me and hurt me more than others.

I understand that I need help. Now I follow a therapy from a psychologist and a mental coach to try to understand what is happening to me. So far it hasn't worked, but I need to get out of it." Paire then also focused on the unleashed social-hate that an athlete is always forced to support: "I'm a person who likes to read all the messages, but you must know that even when you win you get a lot of negative messages.

Am I getting used to it? It's not that easy to manage every day. When you are not feeling well, it is even worse to receive messages from haters or bettors who have lost 2 euros for your defeat."