Molester tennis coach arrested for abuse after policeman poses as 13-year-old

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Molester tennis coach arrested for abuse after policeman poses as 13-year-old
Molester tennis coach arrested for abuse after policeman poses as 13-year-old

As reported by Bozeman Daily Chronicle, after messaging and arranging a meeting with a Bozeman Police investigator acting as a child on social media, a Bozeman High assistant tennis coach was charged with s*xual abuse of children.

The tennis coach is called Kenneth Jordan Sheehan and is 33 years old. Following his appearance in the Gallatin County Justice Court on Wednesday, a judge set his bail at $100,000.

How did the police catch the tennis coach

  • 1.

    Policeman disguises as a 13-year-old kid on social media

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, a Bozeman Police investigator assigned to the Special Victims unit was acting as a 13-year-old child on a social networking site in late July when he was approached by a guy using the moniker "Cade."
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    Tennis coach starts texting the disguised policeman

Over text, the investigator informed "Cade," who eventually identified himself as Sheehan, that he was 13 years old. According to court documents, Sheehan admitted to chatting to a youngster but expressed concern that the 13-year-old was a cop.

  • 3. Conversation moved to Snapchat
Sheehan asked to continue the conversation on the photo and messaging app Snapchat. According to the court statement, Sheehan expressed a desire to "mess around" with the 13-year-old, requested that the teen send him images while in the shower, and sent multiple s*xually explicit text messages.

  • 4. The meet-up
Per Bozeman Daily Chronicle, “on Tuesday, Sheehan contacted the detective, which he believed was a 13-year-old, and sent several s*xually explicit messages detailing s*xual acts he wanted to perform.

He then asked to meet up. They agreed to meet at the Bozeman Pond, Sheehan said he’d bring condoms. At the Bozeman Pond, several police officers — including the detective posing as the child — waited for Sheehan and later arrested him”.

“It is our understanding that there wasn’t an actual child victim, and the arrest was made based upon interactions between Kenneth Sheehan and the Bozeman Police Department. Regardless of the details, the situation is extremely troubling, and we are very thankful for the quick work of law enforcement to arrest this individual,” said Superintendent Casey Bertram as quoted by Bozeman Daily Chronicle.