Alexsandr Dolgopolov: "I hope the Russian players don't call the FBI"

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Alexsandr Dolgopolov: "I hope the Russian players don't call the FBI"

Tennis courts also seems to have become a counter ideological court between Russia and Ukraine and their factions, as confirmed by the interviews and what is happening on the court. The controversy for the story that saw as an unfortunate protagonist a spectator present on Field 8 of the Cincinnati tournament does not subside.

The woman, Lola, who attended the match valid for access to the WTA Cincinnati main draw between Anna Kalinskaya and Anastasia Potapova, displayed a flag of Ukraine during the match and was forced by the chair judge to leave the plant of the Lindner Family Tennis Center.

The intervention of Morgane Lara was prompted by one of the two Russian tennis players, who considered the spectator's gesture to be excessive considering the nationality of the athletes.

Alexsandr Dolgopolov: "I hope the Russian players don't call the FBI"

The news went around the world and sparked the reaction of former Ukrainian player Alexandr Dolgopolov: "To all the people who have admired my tennis and who plan to follow the US Open live, I ask that you carry and display a flag of Ukraine in all matches involving Russian and Belarusian tennis players.

And I challenge the ATP and the WTA to make the same move again. Our country is drowning in blood and violence and no Russian will intimidate a quiet supporter with the flag of Ukraine. Have respect!" Some Ukrainian fans, along with the expelled spectator, went to the crowd entrance of the tournament minutes of Ukrainian flags and shirts.

Dolgopolov, after viewing the images of his compatriots, launched another dig at the WTA and the organization of the Western & Southern Open. Dolgopolov wrote on Twitter: "Lola, who was expelled from the Cincinnati tournament because the Russians felt insulted, went to the public entrance of the venue with the Ukrainian fans.

Hopefully, Russian players or tournament officials won't be insulted again and won't call the FBI or Joe Biden."

What happened in Cincinnati

While in Ukraine the war with Russia continues, in the United States the conflict lands in other forms, with an incident that seems paradoxical due to the merits and modalities in which it took place.

In the qualifying match of the 1000 women's tournament, two Russian tennis players were struggling to gain access to the main draw: Anna Kalinskaya and Anastasia Potapova were the two protagonists of the match which later became the subject of controversy.

Present in the stands watching the match was Lola: a Ukrainian girl who, together with a compatriot friend, was sitting with a flag of her country and vinok, a floral crown typical of the Ukrainian country. During the first set, as Ben Rothenberg reports on social media, one of the two tennis players, it was not specified which of the two, she asked the chair judge, Morgane Lara, to ask the spectator to remove the flag.

Lara pointed this out to the supporter present in the stands, reporting the request of one of the tennis players involved: it was not "nice" to be in a match of this type with a Ukrainian flag, said one of the two players.

Lola did not hesitate to reply that it was not nice to invade a foreign country, making an explicit reference to the geopolitical situation of Eastern Europe. The other fans did not hesitate to defend the girl, testifying that she was doing nothing but being a spectator of the match.