“Anguished” WTA player gives massage sneak peek after cancelling US Open

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“Anguished” WTA player gives massage sneak peek after cancelling US Open

After WTA world number 179 Mihaela Buzarnescu was forced to withdraw from the US Open because of the ankle she sprained at the Iasi tournament, the Romanian player, with the American grand slam currently unfolding, gave a sneak peek to one of her therapeutic massage sessions.

The masseur asked Buzarnescu if she is anguished. Buzarnescu replied: “Very! I can no longer (stay with the pain), but it will be good afterwards”.

Buzarnescu forced to change bra at Wimbledon

Earlier this year, Buzarnescu was involved in a rather strange Wimbledon incident.

Romanian player Mihaela Buzarnescu was forced to change her bra before her first round Wimbledon match against Schunk because the bra was not compliant with the Grand Slam’s rules. The Wimbledon supervisors observed Buzarnescu’s illegal bra while she was warming up for the match.

Following their observation, they proceeded to point out the irregularity to the Romanian player. Miki Buzarnescu explained the incident for Eurosport. In addition, she revealed how she solved the problem. “My bustier was too black and could be seen up here (e.d.

pointing to the bust area) and I had to change it. The white one I had was too transparent and you could see everything underneath and I couldn't wear it, so I borrowed from my coach, I took her bustier (e.d. laughs). That's good, we did it," said Buzarnescu.

However, Buzarnescu managed to win the match and was very happy about it. "I was extremely happy, especially after the injury I suffered a few days ago, when I didn't even know if I would be able to play in this tournament or not, and especially to be in the shape I was, after a short accommodation time.

It shows me that all my work in recent weeks has borne fruit today and I am very happy that I managed this victory,” said Buzarnescu for Eurosport. Unfortunately for the Romanian player, she was stopped in the second round by Coco Gauff.

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