Simona Halep indulges with guilty pleasure after divorce


Simona Halep indulges with guilty pleasure after divorce

As she suggested on her Instagram Stories, every morning, Simona Halep drinks a good coffee, and next to it she eats a croissant, indulging herself after the divorce. So, croissants and coffee are the new guilty pleasure of the former Wimbledon champion.

Halep on her 2022 season

World No. 9 Simona Halep has announced that her 2022 season is over after undergoing a nose surgery. In a note posted to her fans, Halep reflected on her 2022 season. “In February, I was very close to stop tennis because I didn’t believe I have enough power to come back to the top 10.

I was going through many anxious moments and I though it is time to stop cause it is emotionally unhealthy,” Halep wrote in a message posted on her social media. After hiring Patrick Mouratoglou in April, Halep badly wanted to do well at the French Open.

Unfortunately, that put too much pressure on her and she ended up having a panic attack in the middle of her second round loss to Qinwen Zheng. “I felt Roland Garros was the moment that I have to play great because of all the work I’ve done.

I couldn’t handle the pressure and broke down; When I lost at the US Open, I realized that I’m completely exhausted mentally,” Halep confessed.

Halep's husband reaction after divorce

About a year after their civil wedding, Toni Iuruc announced that he and Halep have decided to divorce.

"We decided together with Simona to break up! Stop insisting, it's my last public appearance. The lawyers will take care of the rest in the most civilized way possible", said Toni Iuruc, quoted by Fanatik. Iuruc was contacted to address the rumors that Halep broke up with him.

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