Bouchard sighs after fashion company president asks about her soulmate


Bouchard sighs after fashion company president asks about her soulmate

After Genie Bouchard posted a series of photos from her short trip to Seoul for the Korea Open, she got a funny message from the president of a t-shirt company in Miami, Mike Hoerner. "Have you found your Seoulmate?" Hoerner asked Bouchard on Instagram.

Genie replied to the joke in a bored manner: "Mike..." In the photos she posted on Instagram, Bouchard appears near her coach Tim Blenkiron. "Seoul goes hard. Swipe to the end for peak tourists," Bouchard said about the Instagram post.

In the past, Bouchard has been linked to dating NFL quarterback Mason Rudolph.

According to TMZ Sports, the Canadian player and Steelers’ QB scheduled a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant in Pittsburgh. Read more: Genie Bouchard’s new boyfriend? Pittsburgh QB Mason Rudolph.

Bouchard recently appeared with a mysterious friend

A few days before playing at Vancouver Open this year, Bouchard was spotted on the beaches of Miami Beach in a screaming outfit with a guy.

According to the British tabloid The Sun, the player ate sushi in a well-known bar before taking a taxi in the company of the secret boy. See the picture here: Genie Bouchard: what amazing pics with a mysterious friend.

Bouchard's reaction to Federer and Nadal holding hands

Genie Bouchard, a WTA tennis star, responded on Twitter when Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal held hands in tears during the Swiss Maestro's Laver Cup retirement event.

See how Genie reacted in this article: Bouchard reacts to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal holding hands in tears.

Genie Bouchard recently apologized an Uber driver

Eugenie Bouchard, a former Wimbledon finalist, apologized publicly to one of her Uber drivers for her weird text message.

Bouchard posted on Instagram the message she texted to her Uber driver, Todd. See what the text message was in this article: Genie Bouchard apologizes to Uber driver after creepy interaction.

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