Kyrgios' sick mom reacts to Nick refusing to leave Tokyo Pokemon Center

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Kyrgios' sick mom reacts to Nick refusing to leave Tokyo Pokemon Center

Nick Kyrgios' mom, Nill (Norlaila), who fights some health issues, reacted after the Australian visited the Pokemon Center in Tokyo. "CHILDHOOD. I’m never leaving the Pokémon Center," Kyrgios captioned an Instagram post dedicated to his visit.

"I love Pokémon! Still playing Pokémon Go at hmmmm 61," commented Kyrgios' mom. As resumed by Vox, Pokemon Go "is a game that uses your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game and make Pokémon "appear" around you (on your phone screen) so you can go and catch them."

Kyrgios about his mother's health

About 2 months ago, Kyrgios talked about how hard it is for him to stay away from his parents while they are in poor health.

“Be sturdy Ma,” Kyrgios wrote on the cameras after the win over the world No.1. “It is onerous as a result of even travelling now, my mum is in hospital in the intervening time, my dad hasn’t been very properly, my brother simply had a child and I do not get to be there with my household when regular individuals would love to be with them,” Kyrgios stated post-match.

“It is onerous being from Australia as a result of we won’t journey forwards and backwards. There’s loads of issues individuals do not see. They solely see me profitable, shedding, throwing a racquet, doing these issues.

They do not actually perceive the challenges that I face or what individuals on tour face, what is going on on in their private lives”. In July, Perth Now reported that Kyrgios' mom was expecting a kidney transplant.

"Team Kyrgios confirmed doting Norlaila would remain at home in Canberra while awaiting a kidney transplant," wrote Perth Now at the time.