Kyrgios' girlfriend loved for giving "fan service without single bad look" in Tokyo

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Kyrgios' girlfriend loved for giving "fan service without single bad look" in Tokyo

Costeen Hatzi, Nick Kyrgios' girlfriend, was a hit among Tokyo fans as she had no problem meeting a lot of them in the stands while posing for photos. A fan thanked Hatzi for being so kind to people. "So many people wanted to take picture with her but Nick's girlfriend gave us fan service without a single bad look.

Thank you! Love you!" wrote the fan on Instagram. Costeen Hatzi shared the message and pointed out: "Everyone is so respectful here."

Costeen Hatzi asked Kyrgios how many kids he wants

Asked in a Q&A session on Instagram by his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi, Nick Kyrgios answered with a specific number.

Find the Australian's response in this article: Nick Kyrgios wants as many kids as Roger Federer has, tells girlfriend. After a rather disappointing US Open run in his opinion, Nick Kyrgios expressed his gratitude for his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi in a public love letter published on Instagram.

“Dear Coz, what a journey we have been on already. My life has honestly never been the same since I’ve met you, you continue to make me smile and be everything I need in tough moments. There will always be struggle in life & and I only ever want to ride the ups and downs with you.

We explore the world and continue to experience all the craziness out there, but this is just a small reminder that I love you & you are my best friend,” Nick Kyrgios wrote on Instagram. Costeen Hatzi replied to the love letter: “I love you”.

During US Open, some have pointed out to Nick that the doubles tournament could partially tire and lower Nick's ambitions for the singles draw. "To actively play doubles as much? Honestly, I prefer twice as much compared to training, it's more money and my girlfriend is happy!" Also, with girlfriend on his side, Kyrgios' motivation to do well is off the charts.

"Honestly, I feel as if I'm a lot older, a lot more mature, and I feel like when you get older, you realize you shouldn't be taking these things for granted, the way you're feeling, the way your body feels.

Also, I have a partner with me now I see a future with and I kind of see that I have to provide for. So I feel like my motivation is a lot higher than it used to be," Kyrgios said, per Sportskeeda.