Will challenges keep Simona Halep from competing in the near future?

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Will challenges keep Simona Halep from competing in the near future?

"I will fight until the end to prove that I never knowingly took any prohibited substance..." the WTA's no. 9th ranked Simona Halep said defiantly. The Romanian is possibly looking at a four-year ban from tennis after failing a drug test during this past U.S.

Open. Despite injuries or other obstacles, she might have faced in her career, this may be the one to pause Simona's competitive performances for a long period of time. The two Grand Slam winner admits that she was totally floored by the results and has strongly commented that cheating in any form isn't her persona.

She was tested during the last Slam of the year and came up positive for Roxadustat, a drug used to treat anemia resulting for a low level of red blood cells. It also produces more hemoglobin and blood cells to give players more endurance in their specialized sport.

The drug clearly appeared on the list of banned substances and it still remains puzzling how Halep did test positive. The drug was found in the first sample and after Simona asked for a test on a second sample, that too turned up as a positiv result.

"I have tested positive for a substance called Roxadustat in an extremely low quantity which came as the biggest shock of my life," she strongly said. It would be assumed that Halep mentioning that it was in 'extremely low quantity' wouldn't matter as much as it was of a banned substance.

"I feel completely confused and betrayed," she'd say and readers are wondering now who was the one who betrayed her? The Romanian at this point has been provisionally suspended by the International Tennis Integrity Agency and isn't allowed to attend or take part in any tennis activities.

It was nearly a month ago Halep had undergone nose surgery and closed the door on her 2022 season. She had given cause to having the surgery since experiencing breathing problems and a blockage in her nose. This condition she has had for an extended period of time and wanted it to be corrected and have a more improved 2023 season.

Simona Halep will be assured of making an appeal to her suspension and hopefully all goes well to have her return next season on the competitive court. The Romanian's resume is consistent with titles and accolades but she definitely says "It's not about the titles or the money.

It's about the honor and the love story I have developed with the game of tennis over the last 25 years."