Movie in the books after Tursunov suggests Raducanu split up because of parents

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Movie in the books after Tursunov suggests Raducanu split up because of parents

On 25th October, former Romanian professional tennis player Cosmin Andrei along with director Andreea Chelesu launched a Kickstarter campaign to gather $42.000 to make a short film based on true events called "Out!".

According to the short film's description, "'Out!' follows the story of Clara, a young girl, doing her best to become a better tennis player while constantly having to overcome a major setback: her father.

As the story unravels, each family member reveals their true nature. But are they all fighting for the same dream?" Out! - Kickstarter Video from Golden Arthouse on Vimeo.

Since it's a crowdfunding campaign, anybody can donate to help the movie become alive on the project's Kickstarter page.

Tursunov suggested Raducanu split up because of her parents

The movie's crowdfunding campaign comes in the same month Tursunov suggested that Emma Raducanu split up with him because of her parents. At the start of October, coach Dmitry Tursunov was reported to have liked tweets which were suggesting that he "ran away" from Emma Raducanu and that she's being "mismanaged" by her parents.

Raducanu and Tursunov ended their partnership, according to British media. Tursunov, it appears, was the one who opted to stop the relationship and take a coaching position elsewhere. Fans on Twitter observed Tursunov enjoying tweets regarding Raducanu and her propensity of changing coaches frequently.

"Raducanu out! Time to get back with the old coach," a fan tweeted in late June after Raducanu's Wimbledon exit. Responding to that tweet, Brad Gilbert said: "Should have never parted ways after the US Open." Another fan responded to Gilbert's tweet: "Appears the parents are mismanaging.

It’s like an owner of major league sports team telling the GM to change coaches annually or what players to draft." Three months later, Tursunov liked the tweet which was suggesting that Raducanu was being mismanaged by her parents.

Raducanu fired three coaches in the previous 12 months before adding Tursunov to her coaching team. A fan suggested that Tursunov "ran away" from Raducanu after seeing the situation around her. "I see, thanks. Also, Tursunov practically running away, isn't a bad sign for you? Like something is going on inside there," the tweet that Tursunov liked read.

Tursunov later unliked this tweet. There was another tweet that Tursunov liked and then unliked. "Apparently it was Tursunov's decision. His new player suits his California residency much better and he was having visa issues anyway.

Not sure if he's being entirely truthful or trying to save face for Raducanu though," another tweet that was later unliked by Tursunov read. Raducanu appeared to be happy with Tursunov and her coach as just recently she indicated that the Russian coach was her new full-time coach.

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