Simona Halep's doping issue: what could happen now?

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Simona Halep's doping issue: what could happen now?

What's going on with Simona Halep's doping case? The Romanian would in fact be negative in the doping tests that preceded and followed her debut at the US Open. Simona, who said she was taking an oral contraceptive and eutirox, a famous drug for the treatment of hypothyroidism, continues to deny having taken the prohibited substance Roxadustat, a drug for the treatment of kidney failure.

Therefore, the defense of the legal team of the former WTA world number 1 will start from these bases. But in the midst of a doping scandal, Simona Halep seems to have time for her personal life.

Simona Halep's doping issue: what could happen now?

The former Roland Garros and Wimbledon champion was in fact pinched by the paparazzi in the company of a mysterious man.

The Romanian press, as reported by the portal, speculates that she could be the new sports lover. Simona Halep would thus have found moments of happiness after the doping scandal and her divorce from Toni Iuruc, a marriage that lasted just 1 year and a half and ended in September.

The former world no.1 was also recently defended by Rennae Stubbs, Australian winner of 6 Grand Slam titles in doubles and mixed doubles, who wrote on Twitter: "I simply can't believe that Simona Halep can knowingly hire a doping drug.

I know I don't know all the circumstances, but she's not that person. Reading Darren Cahill's comments further strengthens that belief for me. I hope it all clears up." Earlier Stere Halep, Simona's father, reacted by saying that her daughter drinks water from sealed bottles and to be 100% sure that my daughter has not taken doping drugs: "Simona is clean.

I have more than 100% confidence , but the specialists will take care of it, I don't know, I'm not a doctor, I'm just a father and that's it."