Doping banned player against Novak Djokovic's support for Simona Halep

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Doping banned player against Novak Djokovic's support for Simona Halep

The British tennis player Tara Moore was suspended in early 2022 for the positivity found to a doping control. In the last few hours the thirty-year-old athlete (mostly doubles) has risen to the headlines for burning statements about Novak Djokovic's PTPA.

The Romanian champion Simona Halep tested positive for a doping control a few days ago and immediately the PTPA and Novak Djokovic issued a statement to defend her. Here is the press release: "The Professional Tennis Players Associations takes a stand in the affair involving Simona Halep.

We are committed to ensuring a fair reminder and a complete trial." Not everyone liked this statement, however, and Tara Moore has accused the PTPA of unequal treatment in the last few hours compared to when she was disqualified.

Tara Moore's message to the PTPA

The British tennis player has given rise to a tough outburst on social media for this situation and said: "The PTPA only helps tennis players who are named on the ITIA website or only former Grand Slam champions like Simona Halep? I ask why, do you have have you ever seen these statements for other tennis players?" Moore was disqualified earlier this year, but she too had justified herself by saying she never knowingly took a positive substance.

Many people have talked about the Halep's issue, recently also her coach Patrick Mouratoglou. The French coach on his Instagram account: "First of all, I want to underline how much the news of Simona's doping positivity after the US Open has upset our team.

In almost 30 years of activity with hundreds of professional athletes, I have never faced a similar situation. I appreciated how many people from the world of tennis who worked closely together. with Simona for many years they have expressed themselves on this issue and for having said aloud that Simona is a woman of value."