Stan Wawrinka reacts to "horrible" father hitting daughter on tennis court

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Stan Wawrinka reacts to "horrible" father hitting daughter on tennis court

Stan Wawrinka reacted to a viral video of a coach and father of a young tennis player beating her on the tennis court. Wawrinka shared the video on Twitter and commented: "That's horrible!!"

According to Sportskeeda, the video was sent to authorities by a coach in Serbia and first shared online by Igor Juric, a declared fighter against violence.

“Another brutal violence from a father against his daughter. I was informed that this is a family coming from China. We will be filing criminal charges against this monster as well,” Juric wrote per Sportskeeda. “I can say that I am mildly shocked, regardless of the many terrible things we have seen, this has left the strongest impression so far,” he added “the reason for this violent behavior was allegedly that one of the coaches, who was working with her at that moment, said that she did not put in enough effort and that she did not want to move, ie.

to do what was asked of her. Allegedly, this was the reason for this crude and brutal violence that happened."

The violent coach is Chinese

According to Juric, the coach and the young tennis player he beat are not Serbian but Chinese.

"These are Chinese citizens, but I can't tell you how many others live in Serbia. What I know is that the abusive father does not speak the Serbian language,” he said per Sportskeeda. “It is important to see how the institutions will react, because this is a foreign citizen.

We have the identities of both the victim and the abuser, we will file a criminal complaint! This happened in Belgrade on the tennis courts of Crvena Zvezda." Here is the reaction of the prosecution, as reported by Sportskeeda: "Given that the father, who is suspected of having committed the crime of Domestic Violence, is not available to the state authorities, a search has been launched by order of the duty deputy.

When and if he is found, the prosecution will immediately take the necessary measures for further prosecution, about which the public will be informed."