WTA stars confess the scariest things about tennis

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WTA stars confess the scariest things about tennis

WTA stars Coco Gauff, Paula Badosa, Madison Keys, Jessica Pegula, Sloane Stephens, and Leylah Fernandez confessed for Tennis Channel what are the scariest and spookiest things about tennis.

Coco Gauff: "Jack Sock's forehand"

"Well, I don't know what's the scariest or spookiest thing about tennis.

I would say probably Jack Sock's forehand," said Coco Gauff. Coco Gauff, who dressed up as Moon Knight for Halloween, had her Halloween costume images removed from Instagram the first time she posted them. Gauff then posted them again.

"I swear to protect the travelers of the night," Gauff captioned her Halloween photos. "Instagram deleted it I think the first time… so here we are now. Let me be great and keep my post up pretty please @instagram it’s halloweennnnnnn I want to show my costume," Gauff explained.

To make her request aligned with the spirit of Halloween, Gauff threatened Instagram. "Instagram if you delete this again… count your days. You’re next on Khonshu’s hit-list," wrote Gauff. See what Gauff wore for Halloween in this article: Gauff's Halloween photo gets deleted by Instagram, Coco posts it again.

Paula Badosa: "You're lonely"

"Woof. So many... You're very lonely most of the time," said Paula Badosa.

Madison Keys: "Always another week"

"I think it's the scariest and also maybe the best that there's always another week," said Madison Keys.

Jessica Pegula: "You can lose any minute"

"You can still always lose any minute," said Jessica Pegula.

Sloane Stephens: "The people"

"The scariest and the spookiest thing about tennis is definitely the people," said Sloane Stephens.

Leylah Fernandez: "Not knowing opponent"

"The scariest thing is when you don't know your opponent. It's always scary getting in the match not knowing your opponent," said Leylah Fernandez.