Booze quitter Paire tells Andy Murray alcohol is "most important"

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Booze quitter Paire tells Andy Murray alcohol is "most important"

Andy Murray and Benoit Paire had a funny conversation on Twitter about alcohol, and it all started from a tweet made by Ricky Gervais asking his followers to choose 3 things they would pick to lose from a list if they were forced to.

"You have to lose 3 of these. Free Speech, television, smart phones, Grandparents, alcohol, pets, shoes, medicine, cars, hearing," Gervais tweeted. Andy Murray responded: "Alcohol, shoes, smart phone."

Benoit Paire then chipped in with a reply to Murray's tweet.


Murray replied promptly.

"I thought I read you were giving up alcohol Benoit!" Paire then answered. "Andy, alcohol is the most important in the list!!! Even more for a Scottish !!"

Paire gave up alcohol

Benoit Paire, 33, says he has stopped drinking and going to parties because he is now lot more professional and wants to go out in a nice way.

Paire, a three-time ATP winner and former top-20 player, has stated on numerous times in recent years that he is not enjoying tennis. “I have refocused on the important things. I decided to be more professional, not to go out to night parties and stop drinking alcohol.

I want to do my best and that sometimes makes me anxious, because I know that right now it is impossible. The French public has a lot of expectations around me and that generates extra pressure on me, but I think that little by little I will be able to respond to that," Paire said, per the Daily Express.

In 2020, French tennis player Benoit Paire said he does not want to be labeled as an alcoholic tennis player. The Frenchman came under some criticism on social media after appearing on a couple of Instagram live sessions with good friend and fellow tennis player Stan Wawrinka where Paire was often seen having a drink.

During an interview with the Team, Paire says, "I don't want to be labeled as an alcoholic tennis player. I don't spend my time just drinking. I just want to take my little drink and ask myself. We don't replay before July or August, we never have as much time as usual.

So it's hard to train, to play sports. And then I like to live, have fun, enjoy. So when it's 6 pm and we want to chat, we have a drink. But we are still top athletes, we do not have a drink every night."