Swiatek attacks WTA Finals organization: "We need stability"

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Swiatek attacks WTA Finals organization: "We need stability"

Iga Swiatek, after the elimination in the semifinals of the WTA Finals, answered about what she will do now that her extraordinary season has come to an end. She told: “Honestly I was waiting for this moment. Last week it was still difficult to see the end because I had to be focused and motivated for each match.

" Subsequently, Swiatek was asked for an opinion on the organization of the WTA Finals, a tournament for which, according to him, some aspects should be reviewed, first and foremost that of having a fixed venue as for the parallel competition reserved for male colleagues: "Not I have never experienced the WTA Finals at its peak in terms of organization.

I would like the WTA to stabilize in one place and not do things so rushed, changing locations every year. But on the other hand I understand why it happened and how much it is It is difficult to organize this type of event.

If the ATP has a fixed place, we can have it too. Often during the ATP and WTA finals there is talk of cash prizes. It is sad that the ATP has increased the prize pool and is able to have stability and instead we cannot go to Shenzen for Covid.

We hope to find ourselves better prepared next year." Iga finished this season with the most points (10335) from Serena Williams in 2013 (13260). Against all odds, Caroline Garcia and Aryna Sabalenka were fighting for the WTA Finals title.

Therefore, the first ones were ousted: above all, the exit of the world number 1, defeated by the Belarusian in the semifinals (2-6 6-2 1-6) after winning the Tracy Austin group, makes noise. Swiatek also added in the press conference: "I definitely played better other times.

In the second set I wanted to overpower her, but in the third I didn't play well, as if I was playing too risky, without margins. She played great and served very well. She deserves the win and I congratulate her. I did not feel good feelings, I was not in control of the game and I was often late on the ball.

In the second set I concentrated on the opening shots because I did not want her to play her game. This worked in the second set because it confused Aryna, but in the third I made mistakes on shots that I usually don't go wrong. These freebies in the first and third sets cost dearly."