Schwartzman spends holidays with "divine" model girlfriend

Tennis - Diego's girlfriend recently posed for a lingerie company.

by Claudiu Pop
Schwartzman spends holidays with "divine" model girlfriend

Diego Schwartzman and his model girlfriend Eugenia De Martino are spending a mini vacation in Argentina. The couple shared pictures from their adventures.

"Mini vacation, laughed a lot, walked a lot, ate a lot, shared time together, no jobs, no commitments, met new places...

How beautiful is our country! and I love you @dieschwartzman infinity!" Eugenia captioned a compilation of moments posted on Instagram.

Who is Eugenia De Martino

Eugenia De Martino is a model working for modeling agency EP Bookers.

Instagram followers have described Eugenia as "beautiful" and "divine." Here are a few pictures with Euge de Martino posing for a lingerie company.

Schwartzman was accompanied by his girlfriend at Laver Cup as well.

Diego Schwartzman, an Argentine tennis player, says Roger Federer finds it amusing how he pronounces his name, and he also revealed that the Swiss handed him a racket with the word "Rosher" written on it.

Schwartzman, 30, was a member of Team World at this year's Laver Cup. The 2022 Laver Cup was marked by Federer's retirement from professional tennis. Even though Schwarzman and Federer weren't on the same team, the Swiss made sure to gift the Argentine a nice present.

"He laughs a lot about how I pronounce his name, 'Rosher', in the Argentine way. During the Laver Cup, he gave me a racket and he signed it 'Rosher' (laughter)," Schwartzman said of Federer, per We Are Tennis. Also, Schwartzman played ping-pong with Roger Federer.

Federer clashed with Team World's Diego Schwartzman in a match of ping pong, or table tennis if you prefer, before the start of the Laver Cup. Both players mimed the breathing techniques they use on the tennis court. Federer released a video of the moment on his Instagram account.

"Just a quick warmup for the Gala," Federer captioned the video. See the video in this article: Roger Federer warm-ups with ping pong dressed as James Bond for Laver Cup.