Naomi Osaka shared her awesome new hairstyle!

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Naomi Osaka shared her awesome new hairstyle!

In one of her last interview, Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka talked about several issue, especially the elimination at the US Open 2022 and some physical problems. She told: "Right now I need to relax a little, take a few days off, because there is a lot of chaos in my head, I think too much.

Injuries affected my whole season, just a few days ago I couldn't even serve well. Today I competed again and on the pitch I felt something like fun. The problem remains not being able to play as I would like and this leads to defeat, which is always difficult.

My biggest wish is to be able to play continuously without back problems. I have the feeling that I gave my best today, I did what I could. The truth is, I have no firm plans for what will happen. I didn't have faith in my game, so I played more cautiously than I should have.

I also feel that I have served far below my means. Collins is a very aggressive tennis player, she always hit me with a lot of pressure and she hit the ball mercilessly without worrying about how my ball came. I had problems with the forehand, maybe I should train the shot more, maybe I should analyze Alcaraz's forehand, which is one of the best in the world."

Naomi Osaka shared her awesome new hairstyle!

Meanwhile, always very active on social media, especially on Instagram, Naomi Osaka showed her new hairstyle while she was on vacation in Hawaii with her family. The Japanese tennis star posted photos and videos of her vacation on Instagram where she sported much shorter, prettier hair.

One of the stories about her had a strand of hair cut off: "Got a haircut."