Opelka faces backlash after mocking Gauff's voting day call

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Opelka faces backlash after mocking Gauff's voting day call

Reilly Opelka faced Twitter backlash after he mocked people telling other people to go vote, and he did so soon after compatriot Coco Gauff reminded her followers to participate in the election. "Don't forget to vote everyone," Gauff tweeted.

"Imagine telling people to go vote," Opelka wrote afterwards on Twitter. After seeing Opelka's tweet, Twitter users punished him for what he said.

Here are some of the comments:

  • "Imagine being so white and so privileged, you have the luxury not to care about elections because regardless of who wins, you’re still on top. Must be nice."
  • "Reilly Opelka is a white man.

    None of this affects him. While it’s potentially life or death for some others that he points the finger at. Of course he mocks them."

  • "Thanks for your compelling nudge. It really rallied me to the ballot box. #Blessed to have a mentor like you in my life."

  • "Reilly is an embarrassment. It's not just this one tweet. His entire existence is "I'm cooler and more enlightened than you are." In fact, he's 6 ft 11 in of dumb."
  • "This man is such an embarrassment to the sport."

Opelka hates tennis tradition

Earlier this year, Opelka stated that he started to hate tradition because of tennis. "I’ve come to hate tradition. And, obviously, tennis is all tradition. Look at Wimbledon—that’s what it is.

And it’s not for me. The more I’ve gotten into fashion and art, the more I’ve come to despise some things about tennis," Opelka told GQ magazine. During last year's US Open, Opelka was fined $10,000 for bringing out to court a pink tote bag from Tim van Laere Gallery.

Per the tournament rules, the bag's logo exceeded the size limit. Opelka, who has gotten involved in art and fashion, suggests tennis is very closed-minded when it comes to those areas and there is nothing new and innovative.

"The kits themselves, they’re all the same colors, they’re all so similar. Every brand does their photoshoots at Indian Wells, so the vibe is the exact same. There’s nothing unique about it anymore, and it’s sad," Opelka said.