Netflix plans to stream some tennis tournaments live

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Netflix plans to stream some tennis tournaments live

According to the Wall Street Journal, who paraphrased people familiar with the discussions regarding Netflix's interest in sports streaming rights, "the company recently bid for the streaming rights for the ATP tennis tour for some European countries, including France and the U.K., but dropped out, one of the people said.

It also discussed bidding for a series of other events including U.K. rights to the Women’s Tennis Association and cycling competitions, the people said."

Kyrgios to star in Netflix documentary

Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend will appear in a Netflix documentary on the tennis world's behind-the-scenes.

During Wimbledon, Kyrgios was seen shooting, and his girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi, uploaded photos from filming sessions on Instagram with the comment "Coming soon!" During Nick Kyrgios's post-Wimbledon nightclub party, Costeen also posted images of a couple males she referred to as "Netflix guys" on Instagram.

Nick Kyrgios opened to Herald Sun about the reason why he accepted to star in the upcoming Netflix documentary. “I think I was quite interested because I think tennis culture is changing. I think there is a lot of, I mean, there is no hiding it.

Tennis is a very white privileged sport,” said Kyrgios. Moreover, the Australian shared what he liked about the filming sessions. “I loved the fact that I was able to show my path and the way I go about it and how I connect with people,” Kyrgios said as quoted by the Daily Telegraph.

“I think it’s a very different side to how people would perceive most tennis players. I think it’s a special thing for other colored athletes that do want to play tennis to see myself, you know, you have (Frances) Tiafoe out there right now, (Naomi) Osaka, us doing it the way we are doing it,” said Kyrgios per the Daily Telegraph.