Top WTA star attends Floyd Mayweather match, says he's GOAT

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Top WTA star attends Floyd Mayweather match, says he's GOAT

WTA world number 39 Sorana Cirstea attended the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Deji Olatunji. Cirstea posted footage from the match on her Instagram Stories and used the word goat to describe Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather beat Olatunji in the sixth round of the match by technical KO.

Cirstea confessed Adidas bias toward pretty players

In the Romanian "La Fileu" podcast, WTA world number 39 Sorana Cirstea confessed a lookist comment that her former sponsor Adidas used to tell her. "I remember when I had a contract with Adidas.

They always told me, considering that I look good for a sportswoman, that «It's better to look good and be in the top 20, than not look good and be number 1». When you're in the top 20, however you're seen, you're high and there's a crowd at every tournament.

So they told me: "It's better to be beautiful and in the top 20, than... less beautiful and number 1" You realize, they also have their quotas, it's a market", said Sorana in the podcast "La Fileu", hosted by the artist Speak.

"In general, our contracts are international. You get paid based on how much you sell. The best paid are American, Chinese and Japanese women. Osaka kills it, she was in recent years the best paid sportswoman! Great Britain sells, so does Spain, France.

Eastern Europe doesn't really sell. It depends a lot on you, as a personality, what you inspire, how you present yourself," Sorana had previously said. Sorana Cirstea, a Romanian tennis player, also weighed in on Simona Halep's doping scandal.

"Although we may not be the best of friends, I know Simona (Halep) well enough for decades to strongly believe that she would never willingly and in good faith touch any doping substance. The sport of tennis represents fair play and puts rivalries aside.

She is a great player that I believe won through her own merits," Cirstea said in a message posted on her Instagram Story.