Emma Raducanu lights up 44 Christmas windows at Harrods luxury store (WATCH)

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Emma Raducanu lights up 44 Christmas windows at Harrods luxury store (WATCH)

Emma Raducanu lit the 44 windows of the famous Harrods luxury store in London. "Are you ready for tonight? We've got big work to do," Raducanu tells a teddy bear in the Dior promotional video. "I think my job is quite important.

I'm lighting up 44 windows that Dior have taken over. I think it's the first time that any brand has ever taken over all of the shop windows at Harrods, so I hope I don't mess that up," said Raducanu. Moreover, the former US Open winner pointed out that she likes to have fun dressing up for special occasions.

"I love opening gifts a lot. For me, to be getting ready for an event like this, I really cherish the occasion because so often I'm in sports clothes, I don't really get the chance to dress up, so when I do I have a lot of fun with it."

"Follow Dior ambassador Emma Raducanu as she gets ready to officially open the doors of the ‘Fabulous World of Dior’ pop-up at Harrods.

Lighting all forty-four windows of the historic building, the tennis pro commences the festivities of this unique event dressed in a #DiorSS23 floral dress by @MariaGraziaChiuri. Discover more of the enchantment that was created exclusively for this holiday season through this inside look," Dior captioned the video above.

Raducanu visited the Dior Cafe

Besides bringing Harrods to life, Raducanu also visited the place. "This cafe is absolutely amazing, just walking around and seeing all the delicate details. Underground there's almost like a chamber of just amazing gingerbread houses.

And my eyes would just light up, it was like a kid again. It's a journey when you walk through each of those windows and you pass them, I think that it's amazing how much it can come to life."