Bouchard wants specific superpower to get revenge on everyone that beat her

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Bouchard wants specific superpower to get revenge on everyone that beat her

In an interview with Golf Mostly, Genie Bouchard was asked what superpower she would like. "Time travel. I would go back and win every match I ever lost," said Bouchard.

Bouchard takes inspiration from other great comebacks

Back in 2019, Bouchard declared that she was hopeful she will make a comeback to the top of the tennis world.

Some players who achieved much more than me went through difficult times including Andre Agassi. If you keep having the fire, there is always the hope to be back. It's about staying there and working hard. Nothing lasts forever.

It's like this, all the girls play well on Tour and wins are not guaranteed", concluded Bouchard. After losing her 12th consecutive match in 2019, Bouchard reacted. “It’s always disappointing to lose.

I felt like I was pretty close to her, and I’m in a rebuilding phase, so I’m just going to keep working. Well, I can’t wait to win a match, let me tell you. I’m sick of losing. But my coach told me that we’re kind of using the rest of this year as time to prepare for next year.

I’m going to still play tournaments this year, but I’m going to try to really work physically. I think that’s a little bit lacking now. It sucks to lose, but life is still really good." Bouchard, who got her 12th consecutive loss, added: "All players go through slumps, and there have been huge comebacks in the past,” she said.

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