Bouchard wants Margot Robbie or Blake Lively to play her in upcoming movie

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Bouchard wants Margot Robbie or Blake Lively to play her in upcoming movie

During a Golf Mostly interview, Genie Bouchard revealed the actresses she would like to play her in a possible upcoming movie about her famous Superbowl date. "In a nutshell, it was the Superbowl tweet. I tweeted that Atlanta would win.

Then, this guy said that Patriots would win. Tom Brady works his magic. Patriots win. Possibly the best Superbowl comeback of all time. Turns out he is this lovely young boy who went to University of Missouri. Brought him to a basketball game.

This producer came to us with like a script and they were like 'we want to turn this into a movie'," said Bouchard. "To come back to your original question, I would go with Margot Robbie or Black Lively," Bouchard added.

Who are Margot Robbie and Black Lively

Margot Robbie is best known for starring in movies like Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Birds of Prey.

On the other side, Black Lively, who is also Ryan Reynolds' wife, is best known for starring in the Gossip Girl TV series, The Age of Adaline, and The Shallows. During an apparition on the Off the Vine podcast, Bouchard revealed: “My agent got an email from a producer and a writer from LA and they said we read about your story and we think it’s amazing and we’d like to shop it around to different studios and then turn it into a movie.

They sent me like a draft like loosely based on the real story. Fox 2000 ended up buying it and so now I’m like executive producer and it’s in the works and this is all because of a tweet”. As per the website, Bouchard said: "We went to so many meetings in L.A.

and things like that. So I was kind of involved in the process. Obviously, it's more credible and things like that. It really happened to me and to make it as kind of realistic as possible. We have a script. They're going to start trying to get actors attached to it.

I can't believe this is real. They want to make a movie about something that happened to me. I'm just in shock."