Opelka shared ambiguous words on Djokovic and Nadal's Google record: "Weird flex"

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Opelka shared ambiguous words on Djokovic and Nadal's Google record: "Weird flex"

Google has compiled a ranking of the trends that have dominated this search engine: the most searched events were the war in Ukraine and the death of Queen Elizabeth. Leaving aside the general knowledge and arriving at sport, another ranking concerned the most searched sportsmen on Google, with notable surprises.

The novelty, in fact, is that the three most Googled sportsmen in the world are three tennis players: Novak Djokovic took first place, follows Rafael Nadal, then Serena Williams. The first two were once again the rulers of the season, especially when it comes to Grand Slam titles: two for the Spaniard; one for Serbian champion.

For the latter, however, we must add the whole story of Australia, which has been the subject of the debate for more than two weeks. The Queen of tennis Serena Williams closes the podium, who has decided to retire this season: the last tournament and the last match for the 23-times Slam champion at the Us Open.

Railly Opelka's comment

If this ranking can be a source of pride for some, as well as a symptom of notoriety, for others it is not quite so. Reilly Opelka also commented on this news. The American is as dedicated to tennis as he is to Twitter, a social media where he comments on the most relevant news, not only in the tennis field.

In this case he also wanted to have his say on the ranking of the most wanted on Google. He wrote a simple: "Weird flex" on Twitter, but full of meaning. Weird flex but ok is in fact can be used to refer to someone who shows off but in a rather strange way.

The phrase therefore used by the winner of two titles this season could be referring to the fact that it is not a matter of pride to be among the top of this classification, if not even on the podium. So, Opelka did't add nothing about his commente, which remained in the doubts.

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