Boris Becker lands his first job since leaving prison

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Boris Becker lands his first job since leaving prison

Former six-time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker has landed his first job since leaving prison as he is set to work for German Eurosport during the Australian Open, per Michal Samulski. Last month, Becker left British prison as he was deported to Germany.

Prior to his jail time, Becker regularly worked as a tennis analyst and expert during Grand Slams. Last year, Becker covered only the Australian Open for Eurosport. Now, he is getting back to his role as he is set to once again offer his tennis expertise during a Grand Slam tournament.

However, Becker won't be in Melbourne as he will cover the tournament from Eurosport's studio in Munich.

Becker opened up on his jail time

While in prison, Becker experienced one of the most difficult and toughest times of his life.

After landing in Germany, Becker opened up about his time in jail. Becker admitted that his time in prison "was all about survival." Also, Becker admitted that serving time was a really humbling experience as in prison nobody knew him as Becker the tennis legend - he was called by a number.

“Prison is all about survival. This is the detention centre for criminals from London. Murderers, child molesters. There was no mirror. Later I wondered what I looked like. I’m also shocked by how I’ve changed. I made the mistake of only taking black stuff with me.

I wanted to look cool, to do a bit of a gangster. But the whole thing has something important and good for me learned. And some things happen for a good reason. You’re nobody in prison. You’re just a number. Mine was A2923EV.

I wasn’t called Boris. I was a number. And they don’t give a f--- who you are," Becker said during his appearance on German network Sat TV. Becker left British prison but it will take more time before he is allowed to return to Great Britain. With that being, we will probably not see Becker at Wimbledon in the next few years.

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