Casper Ruud announces he is taking break after Australian Open

Ruud's body needs rest and he will be out of action for some time after concluding his Australian Open run.

by Dzevad Mesic
Casper Ruud announces he is taking break after Australian Open

World No 3 Casper Ruud has announced he is taking a break after the Australian Open and that's when he actually plans to have his preseason for the 2023 season. After a great 2021 season, Ruud enjoyed an even bigger 2022 season as last year he made his first two Grand Slam finals and his first Masters final.

Following a runner-up finish at the ATP Finals in late November, Ruud went to South America for a series of exhibition matches against Rafael Nadal. Ruud didn't really have much time to rest or work on his game and he is planning to give his body a rest after the opening Grand Slam of the 2023 season.

Ruud to Eurosport: I'm taking a break after the Australian Open

"A normal calendar year in tennis, if you play a tournament every month, then the season lasts for 10 and a half months. It's not really healthy for the body at all.

There are no major tournaments in February, and I will therefore use the time to train my physique and actually use that month as a kind of 'pre-season', which I would normally have in December. A lot happened in December, including the trip to South America with Nadal.

I have tried to keep it going, and I thought that the Australian Open 2023 will be the last tournament before I take a small tournament break. When I make the change I'm making now, the season will be shortened to eight and a half months.

That's long enough too. It will be exciting to see if it goes well, but it is at least worth a try," Ruud told Eurosport. Meanwhile, Ruud kicked off his 2023 season at the United Cup and he is also playing in Auckland next week.

Then, Ruud goes to Melbourne for the Australian Open, which is scheduled to take place between 16-29 January. After the Australian Open, Ruud's plan is to return to action at the Indian Wells Masters, which starts on March 8th.

With that being said, Ruud won't be competing in tournaments for at least 40 days after he finishes his Melbourne run.

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