Fabio Fognini accused of tanking by an Australian journalist

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Fabio Fognini accused of tanking by an Australian journalist

The first round match of the Australian Open 2023 between Fabio Fognini and Thanasi Kokkinakis experienced several suspensions due to rain and was definitively stopped on a score of 6-1 6-2 4-2 in favor of the Australian young star.

The Italian tennis player didn't appear in the best shape and he made a high number of unforced errors. Fognini left control of the exchanges to his opponent and he never managed to worry him. The cameras have framed Fognini's right hand on more than one occasion, with a bandaged and slightly bloody hand.

It could be precisely this physical discomfort that conditions the game of Italian.

Australia, serious accusations against Fabio Fognini

Some Australian journalists, on the other hand, have made serious accusations against Fognini, and they used the term tanking, a phenomenon that the ATP has always tried to combat.

A practice that consists of intentionally reducing the commitment to a minimum, during an official meeting. "I don't know how to explain it. What we're seeing speaks for itself," said Adam Peacocks during the match broadcast in Australia by Nine's Wide World of Sports.

Roger Rasheed, technical commentator, explained: "Shall we evaluate Kokkinakis' form? Thanasi hits the ball well, serves well and has good pace. He moves great. His game is very solid, but his opponent hasn't put him to the test yet.

Fognini has a great imagination on the court and looks for excellent shots, but he is not reacting today." Marc McGowan, journalist of the newspaper The Age, instead bluntly accused Fognin: "Fabio Fognini seems to have no interest in the match against Kokkinakis.

Fognini is walking very close to the tanking line. And I was generous." The challenge between Fognini and Kokkinakis will continue and the Italian will be called upon to perform a great feat to overturn the result. The conditions of the right hand and the physical strength of the Italian will obviously have to be evaluated.