Maria Sharapova on Netflix: In tennis, you lose so much more than you win

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Maria Sharapova on Netflix: In tennis, you lose so much more than you win

Maria Sharapova explained on Netflix's tennis documentary that a tennis journey is full of struggle and challenges but added that the great ones keep going even when it gets tough and difficult. Sharapova, a former five-time Grand Slam champion, was just 17 when she won her first Grand Slam title at 2004 Wimbledon.

Even though Sharapova had the best possible start to her career, it wasn't all roses in the rest of her tennis journey. "In tennis, you lose so much more than you win. But even when you're a champion, and you come off the court losing, you ask yourself 'Am I good enough?' But you have to keep facing it, otherwise you are not a tennis player.

That's the whole point of this sport, is that you are always searching, always trying to find out, you know, who you are and where you'll go," Sharapova said on the second episode of Break Point.

Sharapova now has a new role and she loves it

Sharapova, 35, retired from pro tennis after the 2020 Australian Open.

In July, Sharapova and her fiance Alexander Gilkes welcomed a baby boy named Alexander. After enjoying a very successful tennis career, Sharapova is now family oriented and is excitedly learning every day about motherhood.

"I was really ready for motherhood. It was something that I dreamed of forever. I have a really good relationship with my own mom—we’re really close and share a lot—and I’m an only child, so I felt like I was ready to have a child of my own and pass along my own experiences.

I’m really excited to watch this little boy grow up, although that is still incredibly hard because I’m still mostly trying to figure things out! Every day is a new day and every time you think you have something down, you realize you don’t.

There’s always something new to learn and about them and about yourself. That’s incredibly beautiful, but it’s also challenging," Sharapova told NewBeauty