Social media users argue against Fabio Fognini's attitude

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Social media users argue against Fabio Fognini's attitude

How many controversies on the match between Fabio Fognini and Thanasi Kokkinakis, with social media users argue against Fabio Fognini's attitude! The Italian tennis player did not play one of his best matches and made up for a heavy defeat in the first round of the 2023 Australian Open.

Marc McGowan, journalist of The Age newspaper, used the term tanking to describe the attitude shown by Fognini on the court. "Fabio Fognini seems to have no interest in the match against Kokkinakis. Fognini is walking very close to the tanking line.

And I was generous," wrote the well-known journalist on his Twitter account. An opinion shared by several users on social networks. "Kokkinakis performance was superb but Fognini was completely uninterested," wrote one fan tweeted.

And again: "Fognini seems to have zero interest. I watched the match live and it seemed quite clear to me that Fognini didn't give his best. Tanking in his best form should receive a hefty fine." One enthusiast later wrote: "A shameful advertisement for men's tennis."

Fognini had an injury on his hand

At the origin of Fognini's negative performance, however, precarious physical conditions played a decisive role.

The right hand of the blue was visibly fascist and bleeding. Fognini himself later admitted to the microphones of Eurosport that he had accused the usual foot problem and clarified that he will undergo some instrumental tests when he returns to Italy.

"I've always had foot problems, I hope to solve everything as soon as possible. It was clear that I wasn't well, but I wanted to play anyway. I'll try to manage the double as best as possible." The Italian tennis player should regularly take the field in doubles with Simone Bolelli.

The two, seeded number nine at the Australian Open, will face Sadio Doumbia and Fabien Reboul in the first round.