Sam Stosur recalls 'dying in pain' against Jelena Ostapenko: Such an obscure injury


Sam Stosur recalls 'dying in pain' against Jelena Ostapenko: Such an obscure injury

Sam Stosur revealed suffering a right-hand fracture against Jelena Ostapenko in the 2017 French Open round-of-16 remains the most painful moment of her career. Stosur got off to an outstanding start to her 2017 French Open match against Ostapenko as she won the first set 6-2.

Then, Stosur started experiencing major pain in her right hand as Ostapenko won 2-6 6-2 6-4. Stosur was sidelined for a couple of months before returning to action. But when Stosur returned, she was never again the same player in singles.

"But definitely playing Ostapenko when I fractured my hand and I didn't realise, when I was a set up, that was absolutely crushing. I didn't play for five months and I probably came back too early and even every year since then when I stepped on a clay court and started practising, I felt the same pain in my hand.

So that one really hurt a lot and to go down in that way and with such an obscure injury, yeah, that was tough," Stosur told the AAP, as revealed on The Daily Mail.

How Stosur's injury occured?

A few days earlier, Stosur felt pain in her right hand during a French Open doubles match.

But when she visited the doctor, she was told that they weren't really sure what exactly happened but also told her she couldn't make it worse by continuing to play. Stosur went out on the court to play Ostapenko thinking her right-hand injury was serious - but she was wrong.

"I felt some pain in the knuckle a couple of days before in doubles, went to the doctor, got scans and they weren't even really sure. But they said there was nothing in there that they could do and no one was really worried that I'd make it worse.

But then when I went out and played, and as the match went on, I was in agony. I won the first set but I was in tears calling the trainer, I've never been so much pain. Then all of a sudden I was running around my forehand to hit backhands, which is something I never do.

I ended up losing 6-4 in the third and it was a very painful match. Turns out that I had an injury that in a tennis player has rarely ever been seen. I still don't even know why," Stosur said.

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