Mats Wilander: Cori Gauff needs to come up with a weapon


Mats Wilander: Cori Gauff needs to come up with a weapon

Mats Wilander believes Cori Gauff "needs to come up with a weapon" if she wants to beat the big-time players in the latter stages of Grand Slams. Gauff, the 2022 French Open runner-up, wasn't hiding that her big goal was to become a Grand Slam champion at the Australian Open.

But Gauff received a cold shower on Saturday after losing to Jelena Ostapenko 7-5 6-3 in the Australian Open round-of-16. After the match, Gauff was visibly very emotional and dejected. “Is it because she’s young, is it because she wants it so much? I’m not sure.

I like it in a way because it shows she cares. But I would be more concerned with her tennis than her emotional state, she needs to come up with a weapon against these girls that she can absolutely smack the ball. Her athleticism might not be enough and her forehand might have to be shortened down a little bit," Wilander told Eurosport.

Tim Henman, Wilander on Gauff

Even though Gauff is just 18, she has already been around the Tour for four years. At the age of 18, Gauff is a Grand Slam finalist and has been ranked at No 4 in the world. Henman acknowledged that Gauff has accomplished some great things already but underlined she definitely has the areas in which she can improve her game.

“There are definitely areas she can improve on but I see that as a positive. Wow, you’re this good and you’re only 18, and you’ve still got so many areas to improve on. She’s been in a Slam final now, for sure she wins Slams in the future and yeah it’s hard to watch, you feel sorry for her, but it shows how much she cares and she’s going to want to get better in the future," Henman said of Gauff.

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