Brad Gilbert stunned by Jelena Ostapenko's 'ridiculous' complains at Australian Open

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Brad Gilbert stunned by Jelena Ostapenko's 'ridiculous' complains at Australian Open
Brad Gilbert stunned by Jelena Ostapenko's 'ridiculous' complains at Australian Open

Brad Gilbert thought it was "ridiculous" to see Jelena Ostapenko questioning the accuracy of the electric line system at the Australian Open and complaining about "balls that were way in." On Monday, Ostapenko exited the Australian Open after Elena Rybakina handed her a 6-2 6-4 defeat.

Throughout their entire quarterfinal match, Ostapenko was visibly frustrated with the electric line system. Gilbert, who famously worked with the great Andre Agassi, couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Penko is seeing balls that are way in and pointing to marks 6 inches out beyond ridiculous," Gilbert tweeted during the Ostapenko and Rybakina match.

In another tweet, Gilbert wondered how would it look if Ostapenko played someone without lines persons.

"Can u imagine playing Penko with no lines persons with players making the calls," Gilbert said in another tweet.

Gilbert thought Ostapenko was complaining for no reason

After losing to Rybakina, Ostapenko made it very clear that she felt the electric line system wasn't working properly during her quarterfinal match.

"I'm not really happy with the system they are using. But couple times it was really, like, not even by couple of centimetres. It was much more than that. But I cannot do anything about it, because it is the way as it is. But I feel like some lines, sometimes the system is not, how you say, not ignoring, but sometimes the calls are -- first of all, they are really late sometimes.

You already hit the ball, and then you hear 'Out,' which is normally not the way it is with the line umpires. And second of all, some balls were quite, how you say, not a little out. They were a bit out and they were not called," Ostapenko said.

The reactions to the electric line system have been mostly positive ever since it has been introduced. Many feel the electric line system is absolutely great because players can always be at peace knowing the right call was made. But Ostapenko doesn't agree with the majority of the people.

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