Emma Raducanu: I'm very much looking forward to playing at ATX Open

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Emma Raducanu: I'm very much looking forward to playing at ATX Open

Emma Raducanu says she has heard only positive things about Austin as she is "very much looking forward" to competing at the inaugural ATX Open. Raducanu, 20, is set to highlight the player field of the inaugural ATX Open in Austin, Texas.

The inaugural ATX Open will be taking place between February 27 - March 05. "Hey Austin, it's Emma. I'm very much looking forward to coming and playing the tournament there. I've heard so many great things about the city and I'm really looking forward to checking out myself.

Hopefully I'll see you there," Raducanu said in a video message she posted on her Instagram Story.

Raducanu will play her first tournament since the Australian Open

After suffering a bad ankle injury in Auckland, Raducanu was able to get fit enough to compete at the Australian Open.

In Melbourne, Raducanu beat Tamara Korpatsch before losing to Cori Gauff in the second round. But after losing to Gauff, Raducanu tried to look at the whole situation positively, saying it was a success just being able to go out and play.

"I would say all the chips were against us and the chances of me playing this tournament were very, very low. I think 13 days ago, if you would have told us, 'Hey, you're going to be in the draw and win a round', it would have been a massive effort for sure.

Saying that, I still think I didn't necessarily play my best today. I felt like I could have done better. I just have to review the body right now. I've had some niggles in the past few months, and I just need to get that sorted, train, and then we'll see after that.

I'm really buying into and trusting the work that I'm doing with [new coach] Sebastian (Sachs) and the rest of the team," Raducanu said. It remains to be seen how well can Raducanu do in her Austin debut.

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