Patrick Mouratoglou's advice for every tennis player, coach: Always take action


Patrick Mouratoglou's advice for every tennis player, coach: Always take action

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou believes "taking action is always the right decision" as he is advising every tennis player and coach to never be afraid to just go for it. Mouratoglou, who worked with the great Serena Williams for a decade, is now working with Simona Halep and Holger Rune.

Mouratoglou is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the tennis world. "If you think of people who are not taking action, which is the case for the immense majority of the people, they don't take action because they are scared and they are scared of the risks that are involved with taking action.

So it's completely true in life, is true for tennis coaches the same way. I've been asked this question 100 times, 'Are you scared that your player is going to do this, or he's going to do that' and I always answered, 'No, I'm not scared, why would I be scared? We just take action and we will figure it out.

There are always solutions on the way.' But the best way to handle any situation is to face them, not to go away from them, because if you go away from them, you have no chance to solve them. So taking action is always the right decision," Mouratoglou explained in a video uploaded on his Facebook account.

Mouratoglou guided Rune to his big Masters breakthrough

After Halep decided to undergo a nose surgery and end her 2022 season prematurely, Mouratoglou accepted to work with Rune for the remainder of the 2022 season. During the indoor season, Rune appeared in five tournaments and he made four finals.

Rune capped off his 2022 season with his first Masters triumph as he upset Novak Djokovic in the Paris Masters final. Rune did extremely well with Mouratoglou in his box as Mouratoglou guided him to a Masters title and a top-10 ranking. Fair to say Rune greatly benefited from Mouratoglou's presence late in the 2022 season.

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