Diego Schwartzman threatened in Chile: "Escorted by security at the exit"

At the ATP 250 in Santiago de Chile, the crowd in the stands being the protagonist in a negative way

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Diego Schwartzman threatened in Chile: "Escorted by security at the exit"

The result on the court recorded the victory in three very hard sets of the home player Nicolas Jarry against the Argentinian Diego Schwartzman, in the round of 16 of the ATP 250 in Santiago de Chile. But during the match in question, everything really happened, with the crowd in the stands being the protagonist in a negative way.

Given the very heated rivalry in sport between two countries such as Argentina and Chile, Diego was very often slapped by the crowds during the match against Jarry, losing concentration in some crucial moments of the match.

When serving, the 30-year-old athlete was booed several times in preparation for the first serve: a situation that was hardly tolerable by the native of Buenos Aires, who at a certain point interrupted the match and warned the chair umpire that he would not serve until there was an atmosphere of silence (Jarry himself also intervened, asking the crowd to shut up).

Unfortunately it is not the only episode to report. In the decisive phase of the third set Schwartzman had rather heated arguments with the coach of the Chilean Juan Ozon, arguing above all over a ball deemed out by the Argentine and good for Jarry.

At the end of the game, as reported by Septimo Game, Diego let slip: "You're a moron, Juan, but a moron," is what the newspaper collected.

The story in front of the media

A nightmare start to the season (like the last match played) for the 30-year-old, who has accumulated six defeats out of seven matches played in total.

In addition to complaining about the conditions of the pitch, Schwartzman told the press conference what happened during the confrontation: "The truth is that it was a beautiful match to enjoy and watch. The worst moment was above all when I left the court: the amount of insults I received was incredible.

You may not even think about the boos or them saying anything to you, but there comes a time when it was really bad and unbearable. At the end, they had to escort about 6-7 security people to protect me. It's not good." On social media, the Argentine did not make any further criticisms, on the contrary: "Thanks to all the organization of the Chile Open for these days.

I leave feeling better than the previous weeks. Aside from the loss, I think he's slowly getting back to my level. I will continue to train day after day to increase my confidence on the court."

Diego Schwartzman