Aryna Sabalenka: Don't know how many liters of alcohol my team drank after AO win


Aryna Sabalenka: Don't know how many liters of alcohol my team drank after AO win

Aryna Sabalenka revealed her team celebrated hard following her Australian Open triumph but noted that she didn't drink any alcohol. Sabalenka, 24, recovered from a set down in the Australian Open final to beat Elena Rybakina and lift her first Grand Slam title.

"Can I say that (smiling)? Like straight after the title, we went back to the hotel and all my team was drunk. (Laughter.) I don’t know how many liters they drink that day. There was the most funny and, yeah, memorable moment.

Why you’re like hanging your hat, hiding? That’s normal. That’s okay. I think everyone would do the same, no? Everyone was so stressed during that weeks, I think it was normal to have a little drink. Yeah, I didn’t drink," Sabalenka said.

What is different now for Sabalenka?

In the past, Sabalenka was three times beaten in a Grand Slam semifinal. But at this year's Australian Open, Sabalenka arrived with a new much calmer attitude and demeanor. Now, Sabalenka admits some of her previous Grand Slam losses were caused by the pressure she felt to deliver.

But now that Sabalenka is a Grand Slam champion, she won't feel anymore that extra pressure at Majors. "It’s just good to know that you have won already, you know, (smiling). Because before, I didn’t have a slam, and every time I felt so much pressure from myself, because I really wanted to get it.

Every time something would happen, I would lose like really close match just because I really want it and I would miss so many easy shots. Right now it’s given me more belief and understanding what I have to do on those important matches," Sabalenka said.

Following her Australian Open title, Sabalenka returned to a career-high ranking of No 2 in the world. One of Sabalenka's next goals is to reach the world No 1 ranking.

Aryna Sabalenka