Lesia Tsurenko's coach Vlasov stunningly blames Aryna Sabalenka for Ukraine situation

Tsurenko's coach Vlasov shares strong words about Sabalenka.

by Dzevad Mesic
Lesia Tsurenko's coach Vlasov stunningly blames Aryna Sabalenka for Ukraine situation

Lesia Tsurenko's coach Nikita Vlasov is accusing Aryna Sabalenka of being supportive of the Belarusian regime and also blaming her for the situation in Ukraine. When Sabalenka arrived in Indian Wells, she revealed that she initially felt bad about the 2022 Wimbledon situation because she started feeling that somehow it was her fault.

But Sabalenka then realized that she "did nothing bad against the Ukrainian people." "It's your fault, you support the bloody regime of your dictator. You chose him, you are completely on his side. And you also support (Belarusian president Alexander) Lukashenko's actions against Ukraine.

The terrible events are also your fault, Aryna, like anyone else who is on the side of the regimes in Belarus and Russia," Vlasov told Tribuna.

Tsurenko's coach shares strong words about Sabalenka

Ever since the war started, Sabalenka has been adamant that she is "for peace in the world." In Indian Wells, Sabalenka said she personally has never done a bad thing to any Ukrainian.

"The reaction of people, some different things made me feel really bad - that this is my fault. But then I realised that this is not under my control. I did nothing, nothing bad against Ukrainian people. This is just not my fault," Sabalenka said.

Meanwhile, Tsurenko was scheduled to play Sabalenka in the Indian Wells third round but the Ukrainian pulled out of the match. The next day, Tsurenko claimed to BTU that a conversation with WTA CEO Steve Simon gave her a panic attack.

According to Tsurenko, Simon told her that she should not be upset if there were Russian and Belarusian players supporting their governments because it was just their opinion. Apparently, Tsurenko suffered a panic attack from those comments and there was no way she could have gone out to the court to play against Sabalenka.

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