Elena Rybakina explains how she plans to approach Iga Swiatek match in Indian Wells

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Elena Rybakina explains how she plans to approach Iga Swiatek match in Indian Wells

Elena Rybakina says she plans to be aggressive against Iga Swiatek in their Indian Wells match and also noted that physically she will have to be at her best. At this year's Australian Open, Rybakina defeated Swiatek in straight sets.

Now, Rybakina and Swiatek are set to meet in the Indian Wells semifinal. But the court conditions at the Australian Open are much faster than the ones in Indian Wells. "Yeah, for sure it’s gonna be different than in Australia.

Before match in Australia, we played also many times. For sure it’s gonna be tough match. I’m gonna try to recover and prepare for this one, and, yeah, try my best," Rybakina said.

Rybakina: Nothing is easy against Swiatek

"I would say there is things, of course, which I’m doing like with opponent, preparing for each opponent, but overall my game is to be aggressive.

As I said, here it’s not easy, but I still have to stick to this game plan, and then try to prepare, to think also with my coaches what we can do here. Yeah, and just try my best in the end. Physically I need to be ready, for sure," Rybakina said.

In December, Rybakina saw off Swiatek at an exhibition event in Dubai. Then in January, Rybakina clinched another win over Swiatek. Not many players have had success against Swiatek but Rybakina seems to be someone who has an answer for the Pole's game.

"I would say that for sure Iga, she’s a big fighter, she moves really well on court. I think physically she’s one of the best for now. It’s not easy against her, because you feel that every point is gonna be tough.

She’s very consistent also," Rybakina said. Meanwhile, 23-year-old Rybakina has been through to her first Indian Wells semifinal. It remains to be seen if Rybakina can beat Swiatek and come a win away from winning the title.

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