Thanasi Kokkinakis praises Elena Rybakina but insists he was not shooting his shot


Thanasi Kokkinakis praises Elena Rybakina but insists he was not shooting his shot

Thanasi Kokkinakis described Elena Rybakina as "the nicest girl ever." On Sunday, Rybakina defeated Aryna Sabalenka in the Indian Wells final to win her first WTA 1000 title. Rybakina, who now has a Grand Slam and a WTA 1000 title, has a very quiet demeanor and is quickly building reputation as one of the nicest girls on the Tour.

"Rybakina looks like the nicest girl ever," Kokkinakis tweeted. Some seemingly started thinking that Kokkinakis was shooting his shot at Rybakina. "Not having a crack, relaaaax," Kokkinakis said in another tweet.

Kokkianksi, Sabalenka praise Rybakina

After losing to Rybakina in the Indian Wells final, Sabalenka was asked to reveal what she thinks of the Kazakh.

"I don’t know her that good, but she seems very nice and cool girl, you know. She’s really good person, I would say on and off the court. But I don’t know her that well. But seems like she’s very nice girl," Sabalenka said of Rybakina.

On the court, Rybakina is very quiet and she barely makes any reaction or shows any emotion. But the fact that Rybakina goes peacefully about her business is a positive thing. After the Indian Wells final, Rybakina was asked by reporters to say something about herself.

"I don’t know. I think that I had some questions, and if you want to really check something about me, I think you can find everything on the Internet. So I don’t know what I can say. But for sure missing my parents here, because it will be nice for them to watch me live, especially winning the tournament, because they were in Australia.

Unfortunately, I lost, so would be nice to see them. I mean, I’m gonna speak with them anyway now, so," Rybakina said. Meanwhile, Rybakina is now set for a WTA 1000 event in Miami, where she will also try to win her first title.

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