Svitolina puts on Ukrainian military uniform after tennis comeback

Tennis - Svitolina posted a photo wearing the uniform on social media.

by Claudiu Pop
Svitolina puts on Ukrainian military uniform after tennis comeback

Elina Monfils (former Svitolina) wore a military uniform and took photos to honor Ukraine's Charter Voluntary Unit, which recently joined the National Guard of Ukraine because of its resilience in the war against Russia. "The "Charter" unit has reached a new stage, our heroes have become a brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine as part of the 'Offensive Guard'

Congratulations! Glory to Ukraine," Svitolina captioned a recent photo posted on Instagram.

As a Ukrainian, Svitolina is a long-time promoter of peace and a fierce voice against Russia's attack.

As proof, Elina held galas to help raise much-needed funds for Ukraine. “A month has passed since I visited Bucha and Irpin and saw with my own eyes all the horror and consequences of the Russian invasion. Lost and destroyed lives, the homes of our people.

So grateful to @grammarly for joining my fundraiser and contributing $80,000. For my part, I will add another $20,000. This way, only $20,000 remains to be raised for the restoration of the residential complex at 53 Kyivska Street in Iprin.

I invite you to join, so that 390 Ukrainians can return home as soon as possible," Svitolina wrote in a recent message.

Svitolina will make her tennis comeback in April

Svitolina recently announced her comeback to tennis.

She was out of the circuit because she was pregnant with Sky Monfils. We shall see Svitolina in a clay tournament in Charleston that's set to start on April 3rd. It's worth mentioning that the tournament organizers are also hosting Tennis Plays for Peace Pro-Am, a charity event for Ukraine.

“Increasing awareness and raising funds for Ukraine is very important to us as a tournament and to our players. We are passionate about working with Elina, who has a deep and personal understanding of the needs in her home country right now, to further exemplify the mission of Tennis Plays for Peace and stand united with Ukraine," Charleston tournament director Bob Moran said in a statement.