Ajla Tomljanovic denies that popular WTA Tour myth is actually true

Tomljanovic asked whether all WTA players really hate each other.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ajla Tomljanovic denies that popular WTA Tour myth is actually true

Ajla Tomljanovic insists the notion that WTA players hate each other is just not true. One of the most popular myths in the tennis community is that WTA players don't like each other very much. But Tomljanovic - who will be turning 30 next month and has been around the Tour for over a decade - says tennis helped her find some of her current closest friends.

"Yeah. There's a big stigma on the women's tour that we all hate each other, and that's definitely not the case. People just like to cling more to the negative stuff than the good things that happen, and I can say that I found some of my closest friends on tour.

Not a lot, but you know, a few. And I think that's precious. At the end of the day, you have to spend time with who you're the happiest with and comfortable with. I'm just happy that I have a pretty good relationship with most of the girls on tour, with a few of my favorites," Tomljanovic said on the Talk Tennis Podcast, via Tennis Up To Date.

Tomljanovic, Donna Vekic do not agree WTA players hate each other

During a conversation with Tennis Majors in January, Vekic was asked whether it was true that WTA players were "enemies." Just like Tomljanovic, Vekic said that wasn't the case.

"Not much. I think it is a myth that female tennis players are all enemies, and men are all friends. On the ATP tour too there is. I would not say hostility, but rivalries for sure. Personally, I do not have an issue with anybody on the WTA tour.

OK, maybe with a couple of them, but we won’t go into that now (laughing)," Vekic told Tennis Majors. Tomljanovic and Vekic are an example of a good Tour friendship as they often hang out together.

Ajla Tomljanovic