Jaume Munar warns Thanasi Kokkinakis, Australian responds: 'Or what?'


Jaume Munar warns Thanasi Kokkinakis, Australian responds: 'Or what?'
Jaume Munar warns Thanasi Kokkinakis, Australian responds: 'Or what?'

Thanasi Kokkinakis and Jaume Munar found themselves in a heated exchange following their Madrid match but everything later turned out just fine. In the Madrid first round, Spain's Munar defeated Kokkinakis 7-6 (7) 7-6 (3).

Kokkinakis got extremely frustrated with Munar's constant dialogue with his players' box. While Kokkinakis was pleading his case to chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani, Munar interjected. "Bro, you don't shut up," Kokkinakis told Munar.

Kokkinakis then explained some things to the chair umpire: "I just thought it was rich for him to complain about talking because he's done the same thing the whole time." At the net after the match, Munar told Kokkinakis: "Don't tell me to shut up again." Kokkinakis replied: "Or what?" The two players then engaged in a lengthy conversation.

The chair umpire seemingly thought it was about to get physical as he started making his way onto the court and urging them not to fight. But Munar and Kokkinakis told him everything was alright and that they were just trying to clear the air regarding their misunderstanding.

Munar edged out Kokkinakis in two tight sets

The first break of the match was seen in the fourth game, when Munar broke Kokkinakis for a 3-1 lead. However, Munar's lead was short-lived as Kokkinakis got the break back immediately in the fifth game.

As no more breaks were seen in the remainder of the first set, the opener had to be resolved in a tie-break. In the first-set tie-break, Kokkinakis had a 6-5 lead and a set point. From that moment, Munar won the next three points to win an extremely tight opener.

After losing the first set, Kokkinakis broke Munar in the sixth game of the second set for a 4-2 lead. Serving out for the second set in the ninth, Kokkinakis missed out on a set point as Munar managed to get the break back before converting his first match point in the tie-break to complete a two-set win.

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