Naomi Osaka vs FTX: This is how the $11 billion fight is going

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Naomi Osaka vs FTX: This is how the $11 billion fight is going
Naomi Osaka vs FTX: This is how the $11 billion fight is going

Naomi Osaka, Tom Brady and other sports stars are battling bankrupt cryptocurrency firm FTX in an $11 billion class action lawsuit. After FTX's bankruptcy, defrauded investors lashed out at FTX's brand ambassadors, including Osaka.

Naomi, along with Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen and other stars have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit altogether. According to Sportico, the defens claims that it is unreasonable to hold spokesmen accountable for the crypto company's defraud, especially since not even the most sophisticated investors and politicians have been able to figure it out.

The note said: "The plaintiffs themselves, sophisticated investors, financial institutions, and even members of Congress were all unable to discern FTX's fraud from the information then available. It is implausible that simply doing business with FTX was enough to notify spokespersons of the fraud." The petition, filed in federal court in Miami, adds that the plaintiffs fail to explain how a celebrity appearing next to FTX's name, or saying things like FTX, are you there?"

Naomi Osaka: "I want to win another eight Grand Slams"

Naomi Osaka announced her pregnancy last January, when she withdrew from playing the Australian Open.

The Japanese, who had already stopped for some time in the pits due to off-court factors, just after discovering she was pregnant, decided to skip the entire tennis season with the aim of coming back stronger than before in 2024.

Osaka has never hidden her great sporting ambitions, the four Grand Slams added to her palmares confirm this, and her desire is precisely to conquer other Majors in the coming seasons. She told: "Is my comeback in doubt? No.

I want to win eight more Grand Slams and try to clinch the gold medal at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It's one of the goals that excites me the most about returning to the sport. I took a break, but I always feel very competitive and full of desire to win the most important tournaments in my sport again.

Returning to the WTA Tour is not a project, it is a very serious and planned commitment. See you at the Australian Open in Melbourne." Osaka has never stopped training and, in a later deleted Instagram post, she appeared on the tennis court alongside American legend Andre Agassi.

There has not yet been talk of a possible sporting collaboration between the two and only time will provide the appropriate answers. For all tennis fans, the Osaka-Agassi duo could certainly be an interesting novelty. The Japanese, as she reiterated in various interviews, will return to the field regularly in 2024 and has already put the Australian Open in her sights.

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