Ashleigh Barty reveals what she misses in tennis retirement

Barty announced a shock retirement at the age of 25 in late 2022 March.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ashleigh Barty reveals what she misses in tennis retirement

Ashleigh Barty reveals she misses sitting down with her team and figuring out how to completely break down her opponent on the court. Barty, a former three-time Grand Slam champion, announced a shock retirement from tennis at the age of 25 in late 2022 March.

At the time of her retirement announcement, Barty was ranked at No 1 in the world and still considered the best player in the women's game. Just two months before her shock retirement, Barty won the Australian Open without a set lost en route to winning the title.

Barty was undoubtedly a very dominant force in the game and it was showing in her results.

Barty on what she misses in tennis retirement

“Probably what I miss the most is the thrill of the fight with Tyzz (coach Craig Tyzzer), sitting down together and working out a way to completely unravel our opponent.

That’s what I loved the most, the tactical side of the game and being able to make your opponent feel very uncomfortable and do that with my skills and my weapons. I do miss spending time with all of my team. But our relationship hasn’t changed.

The contact is just not as frequent and not as high octane, I will say. But the team footy tipping account is still alive and well, so the banter is still flying," Barty told The Guardian. Since retiring, Barty has had several highlight moments.

In July, Barty married her long-time partner Garry Kissick. A few months later, Barty released her first book called "My Dream Time: A Memoir of Tennis & Teamwork." In January, Barty announced that she was pregnant and expecting her first child.

As a tennis player, Barty accomplished a lot as winning three Grand Slams and reaching the world No 1 isn't something that many are able to do. In her retirement announcement, Barty admitted that she was struggling to motivate herself after accomplishing her childhood dream of winning Wimbledon in 2021.

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