Paula Badosa attacks the haters who criticize her love story


Paula Badosa attacks the haters who criticize her love story

The Spanish tennis star Paula Badosa shines almost everywhere and we also saw it in the recent Masters 1000 in Rome. The beautiful Iberian has published photos of her during her stay in the Italian capital, wonderful shots that portray her next to the beauties of Rome.

Not only this as Paula has been the protagonist of a gossip affair in recent days. The tennis player vented on social media and carried out a harsh attack on the Spanish newspaper Hola. Paula has criticized this newspaper for publishing the news of the split between her and her boyfriend, the model Juan Betancourt.

Specifically, Hola reported that the story between the two, which began in 2021, is officially over and it would have been the model who made the decision to separate. The newspaper appeared quite certain of all this and also reported other details such as the fact that Paula was in trouble because of this decision and had not yet overcome it.

Badosa attacked Hola harshly through her Instagram Stories and was very hard. "The information that has been published is totally false. You say exclusive, but could I find out more? I would like to understand ... Thank you," she posted.

Paula Badosa attacks the haters who criticize her love story

Paula, recently featured in the fashion magazine Glamour, then canceled the story, thus avoiding fueling rumors and controversies. During the interview with Glamor, the girl had explained: "For me it is very important to have a good environment because you then rely on them, it is an intense thing.

Sometimes your head is not prepared for this pressure, playing in front of 20,000 people, questions from the press and so much more. Many things accumulate and then there are social networks that magnify things. That's why we are faced with tennis players who retire or suffer from anxiety and depression." The last year and a half hasn't been easy for Paula as she hasn't won a title even since January 2022.

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